Attack on Titan Anime Season Story Part 1


The Attack on Titan’s Legacy: Unveiling the History Before Standard Calendar”

Title of the Story Attack on Titan | Unveiling the History
Story Duration 15 min
Genre Historical, Fiction and Fantasy

Before we begin the story of the Attack On Titan 🏁, it’s probably best that we understand that “Attack on Titan” uses its own dating system. The first episode of the series takes place in the year 845, which occurs 2,000 years after the chronological start of the series. For this era, such as the one that the founder Amir appeared in, I will use the notation BSC, which stands for Before Standard Calendar. Let’s get started. ⏱️

Time immemorial βŒ›, in the years before the story started, Zeke Jaeger attests that there was no living matter on Earth until one day there was. This creature appears to have taken the form of a hucog Genia, an extinct type of worm. Supposedly, this thing became the source of all living matter on Earth, which existed merely to multiply and spread to keep its species from dying out. Something Zeke considers to be the goal of life, and that when one is freed from this goal, they can find true peace and true freedom. But enough about the politics of life.

These creatures eventually faced extinction, where only one managed to survive. It found itself in the land that would later come to be known as Marley. It would take refuge under a large tree where it would wait to be found by those nearby. This tree eventually mutates into a Titanic tree that grows without bounds as it stands well above the rest of the forest. There, this creature waits for countless years. 🌳

Unknown era to 13 BSC, a race of humans known as the Eldians begin to sweep across the world, forming a one-world Empire. They eventually make their way into ancient Marley where they find the Marleyan. Among these Marleyans is a little girl named Amir. She was doing her daily duties gathering water when the Eldians moved in. The Eldians enslaved Amir and her people, cutting out their tongues and forcing them to do a lot of things that they probably wouldn’t have done if they weren’t slaves. πŸ‘§πŸ½

At some point, Amir is feeding the pigs and sees one. Perhaps it’s because she too valued freedom like Aaron did, but she left the gate open, allowing the pig to escape. The pig, having run away, ends up killed, and the king of the Eldians, a man known only as Fritz, demands to know who’s responsible. Everyone immediately sells out Amir, and the King passes his judgment. He will free Amir, by which he means they will have a fox hunt, and Amir will be the fox.Β 

Amir runs for her life with the men close behind, shooting her with arrows. She finds refuge inside of a massive tree where she proceeds to hide. She eventually falls into an underground lake where she’s met with a strange glowing worm that attaches itself to her spinal cord, granting her the wish for a strong, immortal body. πŸ’«

Amir turns into the world’s first Titan, a Titan that would go down in history as the world’s founding Titan. After getting this freedom, however, she instead returns to the king that had thrust her out and offers her power and begins to serve him as a personal servant. πŸ‘‘

9955 BSC, Amir continues to work as King Fritz’s right hand, where she squashes his enemies, builds his bridges, paves his roads, and even marries him and begets him children. Despite having married her, his lecherous nature remains, and she is left to care for her children and to pine for the man who sees her as no more than a weapon with him, she bears three daughters: their names are Cena, Rose, and Maria. πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

990 BSC to 370 BSC, King Fritz returns from conquering more nations only for there to be an attempt on his life. Amir sees the spear coming and jumps in front of it to save her king from imminent demise. Despite the fact that she can regenerate from any wound, she refuses to do so, perishing in the process. ☠️

Although she was dead, her soul remains a slave to King Fritz, who, for fear of losing the founding Titan power, forces his three daughters to eat the corpse of their mother in hopes that somehow, they might attain her power. πŸ’€

Amir, who had awakened in a world outside of time and space Witnesses a single tree in the center of this desert wasteland as it creates three new branches, signifying that her Titan powers had been passed down to her three children. This causes the land where Amir finds herself to be called “the Paths”. This marks the birth of the other eight Titans, with each of Amir’s daughters getting three different Titan powers from devouring her body. 🌳

After retaining the Titan powers of their mother, each girl is cursed to die in 13 years, matching the same number of years Amir lived with her Founding Titan. This comes to be known as the Curse of Amir, with those who attain one of the nine all having a strict expiration date. ⏳

As the years pass, the Eldians continue to conquer the world with their nine Titans, forcing each nation to bear as many in the blood of Amir as possible to be conduits for her power. The royal family maintains the Founding Titan and eventually passes the other eight to noble families outside of the royal family. Yet those who still bear Amir’s blood, the fall of Lago, supposedly happens prior to the Great Titan War, with the Titans ravaging Lago Val and Mont in three battles of extraordinary inhumanity. This, however, is fabricated history and is used as propaganda to both force guilt upon remaining Eldians as well as turn the opinion of Marleyans against the Eldians. πŸ›‘οΈ

Current era, year 240: A pandemic sweeps over the world, causing many casualties. However, the king of Eldia uses the power of the Founding Titan to make all Eldians immune to the disease, which results in not a single Eldian dying from the sickness. This causes Lan numbers to skyrocket as the rest of the world takes the brunt of the pandemic. When the world rebalances, the ratio of Eldian to non-Eldian has become far closer than previous years. 🌍

Happy reading β€œAttack on Titan” with Utsava Time!Β  πŸ“šπŸŽ‰

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