Why It’s Important Listen to the Right Advice Short Story

Title of the Story Why It’s Important to Listen to the Right Advice
Story Duration 10 min
Genre self-help, inspirational, motivational

Listen to those who lift you higher; their support paints the path to success.
(Why It’s Important to Listen to the Right Advice Short Story)

Once a famous painter lived in a certain city. Thousands of people used to come to see his art exhibitions. People would never get tired of praising his work. One day, he thought, “Is it that people praise him only in front of him and talk about mistakes in his work behind his back?” Thinking this, the next day he woke up early and took one of his paintings to a busy intersection in his city. There, he kept his painting with a note written below: 🎨

“Whoever finds any mistake in this painting should put a mark on that place.” πŸ–ŒοΈ

In the evening, when he went to the square to see the painting, he became sad. There were hundreds of marks on his painting. Seeing this, he got very disappointed and silently picked up his painting and went home. This incident negatively impacted him. He stopped painting and started shying away from meeting people. One day, his friend came to meet him. Seeing him, his friend realized that the painter was troubled by something and asked him the reason. The painter narrated the whole incident to his friend with a sad heart. Listening to it, his friend asked, “Let’s do one thing. Once again, you put a painting made by you at that intersection, but this time with a different note.” πŸ€”

The painter agreed. The next morning, he put a new painting at the intersection πŸŒ‡ with a note written below it: 🌟

“Whoever finds any mistake in the painting, correct it.” 🎨

In the evening, when the painter and his friend went to check the painting, it was still the same as it was in the morning. The painter was surprised to see this. His friend noticed his surprise and said, “Do you understand something? Any fool can find mistakes, and most fools do. But there are very few people who can correct those mistakes. There is no point in unnecessarily taking the opinion of people who only want to find fault with others and humiliate them when they neither have time nor knowledge to improve themselves. Therefore, understand that fault was not in your picture but in asking advice from such people.” πŸ™Œ

In life, we often encounter criticism and doubt from others, just like the famous painter did. It’s natural for people to have opinions, but not all opinions are created equal. Just like in the story, some folks are quick to point out flaws and mistakes, but they may lack the knowledge or motivation to make things better. Instead of letting their negativity bring you down, remember the valuable lesson from the story. Seek out those who genuinely support you, believe in your potential, and are willing to help you grow. These are the people whose opinion should hold weight in your life. Never lose sight of your passion and the love you have for what you do. Believe in yourself because your self-belief is often the strongest force propelling you forward. Keep your focus on your goals, keep learning, and don’t let the naysayers deter you. Your journey is unique, and only you can define your success. Stay resilient, stay true to your passions, and success will follow. 🌟

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