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Ram Temple Inauguration in Ayodhya
The inauguration of Shri Ram temple in Ayoday, Uttar Pradesh is going happen on 22 January 2024. The inauguration of Ram temple is not just an event, it is a collective heartbeat of every Indian. A coming together of dreams and realities that wove a new chapter in the rich tapestry of the city. Every India is waiting for this day form centuries around 500 years, now on 22 January 2024 the dreams becoming a reality. 

Shree Ram and Mata Sita
Shree Ram and Mata Sita

Ram temple Ayodhya construction:
Building Ram Mandir is not just about  to built a building or structure but it is beyond all this. It is the faith, devotion and emotions of millions and crores of people. Building a Ram temple, shows the priceless struggle of many people is also associated with it.

Ram temple Spiritual and cultural importance:
Walking through the gates of Ram Mandir is not just an entry into a structure, it is a deep immersion in cultural heritage. The abode of Lord Ram, which had turned into a memory, has now been revived.

Shri Ram Mandi Ayodhya
Shri Ram Mandi Ayodhya (Graphic image)

Ram Temple Unity amidst diversity:
Ram temple is standing as unity amidst diversity. Caste religions have been added to the Ram temple. Beliefs have started merging with each other. Interrelated faiths and people have started creating a Ram Rashtra (Ram Rajya).

Impact of Ram Mandir on local community:

By observing the lives of the residents of Ayodhya, much more can be learned about the economy. As well as being an ideal part of a city steeped in history, it’s about pride, shared narratives between neighbors and a hope that goes beyond economic gain – it’s a revitalized sense of identity and belonging.

As the sun’s rays start shining in the sky on the morning of 22nd January, the dream of the hearts of crores of people will be on the verge of coming true. 22nd January is not just a day but it will be a very special day and why not because it is the inauguration of the temple of our Lord Shri Ram Ji.

Ram Mandir Celebration Wishes, Messages

May the inauguration of Ram Mandir brings peace, prosperity, and harmony to our nation. Best wishes on this historic day!” | JAI SHRI RAM |

At the place where faith lives forever is the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. | JAI SHRI RAM |

The Ayodhya Ram Mandir expresses stories of devotion where centuries speak. | JAI SHRI RAM |

Ram Mandir ka udhghatan hmare desh mai shanti, Simridhi aur sadbhawna laye | iss itihasik din par subhkamnaye | | JAI SHRI RAM |

Pure desh mai khusiya chayee hai | parbhu shri Ram kai sawagat ki subh gadhi aai hai | | JAI SHRI RAM |

राम मंदिर का उद्घाटन हमारे देश में शांति, समृद्धि और सद्भाव लाए। इस ऐतिहासिक दिन पर शुभकामनाएँ!” |जय श्री राम|

जिनके मन में श्री राम है | भाग्य में उसके बैकुंठ धाम है | उनके चरणों में जिसने जीवन वार दिया | संसार में उसका कल्याण है| जय श्री राम |

पूरे भारत में खुशिया छाई है| प्रभु श्री राम के स्वागत की शुभ घड़ी आई है | जय श्री राम |


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