“Inspiring Navratri Celebration: Embrace the Majestic Radiance with Quotes and Shayari!” -2023


Navratri, a vibrant Hindu festival, it is nine day & nights celebration, which celebrate with full of devotion .

 Navaratri Maa Durga
Navaratri Maa Durga

 It’s a time, when devotees all over the India and beyond come together to honor Goddess Durga, the divine feminine force. The festival’s name itself, “Navratri,” translates to “nine nights” in Sanskrit.

Each day is dedicated to a Goddess of specific form, symbolizing her divine attributes, for this people do all day fasting. People engage in traditional dances like Garba and Dandiya, dressed in colorful attire, while singing praises to the deity. The festivities are marked by the energetic claps of hands and the twirl of skirts.

Navratri holds a deeper significance; it represents the triumph of good over evil (light over dak). It’s a time to purify the soul by worshipping the Goddess, time to introspect, yourself to do good in life and it is a time to seek the blessings of  Goddess Durga to overcome obstacles and achieve spiritual growth in our life.

Navratri is a festival is a spectacle of culture, it is a time, when we see whole nation in spirituality, and we see the unity to worship the Goddess, where people join in harmony, exuding positivity, and celebrating the goddess’s power and grace.

Navratri celebration Quote & Shayri In Hindi

  • Hai Durga Maa ka ashirvad aisa, Navaratri ke is pawan avsar par, Har dukh aur dard se mile azaadi, Mata Durga, ki kirpa bne rhe har pal


  • Navaratri ki raat hai sath aapke, Maa ka pyaar aur shakti aapke saath, Jagmagate sitaare chamak uthenge, Jab aap ho saath, duniya lagti hai saaf.


  • Navaratri ke is mahotsav mein, aao yaaron, Rang birangi dandiya ki raat hai paas, Raat bhar nacho aur gungunao saath-saath, Durga Maa ki kripa se, manao Navaratri ki raas.


  • Durga Maa aapki aankhon mein basi hai, Unke saath har mushkil aasaan ho jaati hai, Navaratri ke is tyohar mein yaad rakhna yeh baat, Unke ashirvad se sab kuch ban jaata hai sahi raasta.


  • Navaratri ke is pavitra avsar par, Durga Maa ka aashirvad hum sab par sada rahe, Har din ho khushiyon se bharpoor, Yahi dua hai, yehi hai humari aarzoo sada.

Navratri  Quote & Shayri In English

  • On Navaratri’s night, you are by our side, With Mother’s love and strength as our guide, The twinkling stars will shine so bright, When you are with us, everything seems right.


  • In this grand Navaratri celebration, my friends, The colorful dandiya night is here to enjoy, Dance and sing all night together with delight, With Goddess Durga’s blessings, savor Navaratri’s joy.)


  • Goddess Durga resides in your eyes, With her, every difficulty becomes a breeze, In this festival of Navaratri, remember this, With her blessings, everything finds the right path.


  • On this sacred occasion of Navaratri, May Goddess Durga’s blessings always be with us, May every day be filled with joy, This is our wish, this is our eternal desire.


  • Goddess Durga’s blessings are such, On this sacred occasion of Navaratri, Freedom from every sorrow and pain, We find, in your grace, our sanctuary.


  • “Navaratri is a celebration of the divine feminine energy that resides in all of us. May we embrace the goddess within and find strength, love, and wisdom on this auspicious occasion.”


  • “As we dance to the rhythm of the dandiya sticks and sing praises to the Goddess, let us remember that Navaratri is a time to rekindle the light within and conquer the darkness of ignorance.”


  • “During Navaratri, the devotion in our hearts blooms like the vibrant garlands adorning the idols. It’s a reminder that faith and love can illuminate even the darkest of nights.”


  • “Just as the nine nights of Navaratri lead to the celebration of victory, may the challenges we face in life ultimately lead to our triumph, strength, and spiritual growth.”


  • “Navaratri teaches us that the battle between good and evil is not only external but also within ourselves. Embrace the strength of Goddess Durga to conquer your inner demons and find your true self.”

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