Holi Puja Rituals, Vidhi & Material Guide for Celebrations


How to perform Holi Puja : Essential Rituals and Materials Guide for a Vibrant Celebration.  

Holi is one of the ritual festivals of India & It celebrate all across the nation with colour/color and happiness. In this article, we are go through the basic Holi Puja Rituals, Vidhi & Material Guide for Celebrations. The festival is celebrate with color, on this occasion people through color & water on family, friends, even strangers. The main ritual that we have to perform on Holi is Holika Dahan.  This Vidhi/ ritual is performed on the eve of Holi festival and Holika Dahan itself called a Holi pooja.

➡ Which God & Goddess Puja, We Do In Holi Festival 

If we talk about the God & Goddess Puja we do in Holi festival? So its answer is all because on that day we can do Puja of any God & Goddess (Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi).

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➡ Holi Pooja Ritual/Vidhi 

There is believed that by doing the Holika Puja in holi festival eve takes away all sorts of fear & sorrows. Though Holika was a demoness but she was also a warden of fear. So before Holika Dahan she is also worshipped with paharlad (biggest bhagat (follower) of God Vishnu). The Holi Pooja is done before the Holika Dahan but there is believed that the there are the right time of Holika Dahan. Otherwise it can bring the misfortune. Basically the Holika Dahan time is around 6:30pm to 10 pm on the eve of Holi festival but if you are doing this you have to must check timing of it.

As there is no special pooja happen on the day of Holi but the pooja we do before the Holika Dahan also called the Holi Pooja. On the eve of Holi people use to burn the bonefire and celebrate the victory of all sort of fear & The Holika Dahan Pooja best known as the prosperity, Power & Good Wealth. 

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➡ Simple Holi Pooja Vidhi Material

As there is no such special pooja happen on the day of Holi but on the eve of it i.e. Holika Dahan. There are some rituals we have to perform with a special Vidhi. Which is given here below?

  •  💡 The timing should be in the evening i.e. around 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

  • 💡 You must have dry wood so that it can be burn easily & place that a log of wood like a Lohri festival (vertical/inclines). You can do this at any open & public place

  • 💡 You have to made sculptures of Holika (combustible material) & Paharlad (non combustible material).

  • 💡 You have to place this sculptures at the heap of the wood & burn them.

  • 💡 While the woods are burning you can chant the Rakshoghna Mantras.

  • 💡 Left these ashes on that day but next day you can smear these ashes on your body as a Holi Pardas. By smearing these ashes on the body called a purification because it is called a holy ashes.

We know that the festival of Holi is celebrated all over the India so there are many communities in India & may be they have different rituals to celebrate the Holi festival so they can also celebrate the festival by their own way. This Puja is very auspicious for the married women & in this pooja they can ask for the healthy life of their husband. These are just simple way how you can do the Holi Poja & which God Worship you have to do on the Day of Holi.

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